About HAB Central

Who is the Healthcare Advisors Bureau?

The Healthcare Advisors Bureau is comprised of key healthcare professionals, physician thought leaders, nurses, pharmacists and patients who offer their opinions and views on a variety of healthcare issues by participating in online market research surveys. The Healthcare Advisors Bureau has offered a voice from the world of medicine to major manufacturers of healthcare products and healthcare service providers for over 25 years.

Who can be part of the Healthcare Advisors Bureau?

Physicians, pharmacists, nurses, and other healthcare professionals and individuals that are interested in health matters can all be part of the Healthcare Advisors Bureau. If you decide to be part of the Healthcare Advisors Bureau, you simply have to make sure that you accurately identify your current status (physician, person looking for health information, nurse, medical student, etc.). That way, you will only receive invitations for surveys that are pertinent to you.

HAB Membership

Can my name be removed from the Healthcare Advisors Bureau?

Yes. At any time you can decide to opt-out of the Healthcare Advisors Bureau. If you do not want to participate in any other market research surveys, you can visit the opt-out page and request your name to be removed from the Healthcare Advisors Bureau. We will opt you out immediately and send you an e-mail confirming that we will no longer send you invitations to participate in online surveys.

You don't remember giving your consent to be part of the Healthcare Advisors Bureau?

Sometimes, members of the Healthcare Advisors Bureau don't recall having agreed to accept invitations to participate in online market research. We have been building our Healthcare Advisors Bureau for a few years, and it is possible that your consent was given 2 or 3 years ago and you may have forgotten about it. If you feel your name was added in error, please note that you can opt-out at any time. Please click here and your name will be removed immediately from this group.

Where did you get my name?

Members of the Healthcare Advisors Bureau are individuals who have agreed to be contacted via the Internet to provide us with their opinions on healthcare and medical issues, either when:
- Participating in partner surveys - When conducting market research by methods other than the Internet, respondents are often asked if they would participate in surveys conducted via the Internet. If you have agreed to participate, your name has been included within the Healthcare Advisors Bureau.
- When visiting other medical Websites - In the past you might have provided your name and e-mail address to a healthcare Website and agreed that your name would be communicated to other companies having activities related to healthcare and medicine. In that situation, you may have received an invitation to join the Healthcare Advisors Bureau and registered.

HAB Surveys

How does it work?

Online surveys are simple as 1-2-3! Using the e-mail address you gave us when registering for the Healthcare Advisors Bureau, you will receive an invitation that lets you know who is inviting you to their survey. The invitation will also describe the topic, the length and the compensation for full participation. When you receive an invitation from Medefield, you are totally free to decide whether you are going to participate or not. If you are interested in participating, you would simply have to click on a link included in the invitation and start the survey.

Would I be compensated for the time I spend answering a survey?

For some surveys, compensation is given to every respondent. For other surveys, lots are randomly drawn among participants and the winners receive compensation. When you receive an invitation for a specific survey, the type of compensation provided will be clearly noted. You can decide whether or not you are interested in participating in a specific survey upon receipt of an invitation.

How often would I be asked to participate in surveys?

This could range from once a month to once a year. It is difficult to assess because the frequency at which you would be invited to participate in a survey depends on a number of factors. As soon as a survey is available that is appropriate for you, you will receive an e-mail invitation.

Do I have to answer all surveys to which I am invited?

No. When you agree to join the Healthcare Advisora Bureau, you only agree to receive invitations (by e-mail) from time to time to participate in various surveys. You do not have to commit to anything else. Joining the Healthcare Advisora Bureau does not oblige you to participate in any specific survey for which you receive an invitation.

When I receive an invitation do I have to participate right away?

No. Whether it's early in the morning, during the day, or at night, you can complete online market research surveys at a time that does not interfere with your other activities. It is suggested that you complete the survey as soon as you possibly can after you receive the invitation. Otherwise, the survey could be finished and our Website closed when you decide to participate.

How is the information I provide going to be used?

The clients of Medefield, PSLR and inStar who commission market research surveys, use the information provided by respondents in aggregate to make more informed decisions on healthcare issues. By participating in these surveys, your experiences and opinions contribute to decisions that have an impact on the healthcare system.